About Us

DBR commenced business in 1952 in Delhi, as a business run by the late Mr. I.N Dhingra. It was first incorporated in 1958 and has flourished over the years since, under the directorship of his son Mr. Pradeep Dhingra.

DBR became a name to reckon with in distribution in the early 90s. Having being associated with the top FMCG brands of then, today, DBR continues to flourish under the stewardship of Vaibhav Dhingra. DBR is considered to be one of the premier FMCG distributors in the DNCR Region, determined to provide the best quality of service to both our customers and our brand owners.

Together, we strive to create customized solutions to ascertain the most effective method of driving sales forward, improving reach and visibility whilst all the time ensuring the total satisfaction of our valued customers. Our distribution operation covers General Trade, Modern Trade spanning Hypermarkets, Co-operatives, A & B Class Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Groceries, Wholesale trade, Hotels, Bakeries, & E-Commerce channel. We also Export and Re-export to the Global market.

DBR today generates a revenue of 200 crore+ and continues to grow and expand vertically in the field of distribution and fulfilment.


Partnership And Association

Over the years, we at DBR have associated with multiple brands across industries to enable them to build a strong business in Delhi NCR. Being the biggest and most complex markets of the country, a strong foothold in Delhi NCR holds the key to success for any brand.

DBR has been associated with the best of companies over the years like Nestle, Hindustan Unilever, Cadbury, Britannia, Red Bull, Reckitt benckiser, Pepsi, ICI Paints, Parker pens etc


DBR enjoys and appreciates change and innovation. The dynamics of the market mean that no company nor individual brand can afford to stand still. Demographics change, legal and political structures are constantly being revised and expectations of quality have replaced mere availability.

With Delhi - NCR being the biggest and the most complex markets of India, having a strong distribution partner holds the key to success of any brand. Our expertise in Distribution, trade marketing and our history and relations in the market, ensures brands have a smooth route to market and ensures its success in the market.

We at DBR are determined to adapt and cater to the growth and evolutionary needs of our markets by working to continuously improve on our business model and successfully deliver on our “360 Degree Distribution Solution” promise. At DBR we are always keen to identify new opportunities for expansion.